William Peace University


By William Shakespeare


"I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me," quips Beatrice, one of the most beloved heroines of Shakespeare's comedies. When Don Pedro's officers return after a successful military campaign, Claudio cannot wait to make Hero his bride while her cousin Beatrice renews her battle of wits with his friend Benedict. Meanwhile, Don John, the duke's disgraced half-brother, is determined to cause as much trouble as he can. In Much Ado About Nothing, mistaken identities, eavesdropping, and wrongful assumptions threaten the young lovers with lasting heartache. Will Beatrice and Benedict ever admit their feelings for each other? Will Claudio see through Don John's deceit? Can the bumbling constable Dogberry save the day?


Directors Eliza Laskowski, Ph.D.
  Wade Newhouse, Ph.D.
Dramaturg Eliza Laskowski, Ph.D.
Scenic Designer Sonya Drum
Lighting Designer Jennifer Mann Becker
Costume Designer Laura Parker
Production Stage Manager Sawyer Stone '15
Properties Hannah Murphy '14
Assistant to Costume Designer Jessica Becker '14
Technical Director David Jensen
Benedick Tyler Graeper '16
Beatrice Rachel Pottern '15
Claudio D.J. Curtis '16
Hero Abbe Fralix '15
Don Pedro Kevin Roberge
Don John Daryl Munroe '15
Leonato Sarah Johnson '16
Antonio Rosemary Richards '17
Ursula Dani Gehle '14
Margaret Tess Colby '16
Dogberry Maigan Kennedy '15
Verges Amber Martinez '16
Friar Francis Dan Smidler
Balthasar Lexi Karabotos '17
Borachio Kelsey Bledsoe '17
Conrade Melvin Gray '16
The Watch Alexandra Finazzo '16
  Mary Lynn Bain '17
Messengers Abagyil Gronstal '17
Assistant Stage Managers Tyana Rumbeau '16
  Lauren Monsanto '17
Sound Board Operator Dustin Walker '17

Performances are April 1 - 6, 2014

Evening shows every night at 7:30pm
Additional matinee on Saturday, 4/6 at 2:00pm
Leggett Theater